LED light on flexible leadLabGear is easy to install on any Windows PC (winXP and above). To install the software you will need administrator privileges as a few system files are installed if the PC do not already have them installed. These are standard Microsoft Windows system files.

Step 1:
If you already have a customer account for the Chemovix software download repository Click Here! (Chemovix SoftSpot).

If you do not have an account please contact Chemovix Support to obtain a customer account for the software repository service:

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +46 705 179 709

Step 2:
Install the software on the dedicated PC. Open the application and generate the local license key and copy it to an e-mail or a USB pen drive.

Step 3:
Contact Chemovix Support to obtain a limited license key. You have to pass the local license key to the Support Desk to receive an unlock key in return. Save the key to a USB pen drive or write it down and then return to the PC with the software installed and register the key in the form that appear when the software is started.

Please read the manual that is included in the same folder where the application is installed. It will help you get started!
Chemovix also offers user training sessions should you decide to buy the software licenses.

A trial is a trial and Chemovix will not trouble you further. However we will ask for your contact details before offering free trial licenses.