LabGear is built on recognized workflows that apply to development chemists in the pharmaceutical industry in particular. It is designed to assist scientists in performing safe and controlled scale up of organic synthetic processes / reactions but at the same time provide as much insight and understanding as ever possible. The application was developed at AstraZeneca's research and manufacturing site in Södertälje, south of Stockholm, Sweden, between 2003 to 2012. The application is one piece of a great puzzle providing simple and user-friendly lab automation tools to development chemists and engineers. By the time of the site closure...


the application had reached a global widespread usage, including users from both Bangalore, India, and Macclesfield, UK. In total more than 130 lab workstations were used daily. This does provide substantial proof of a successful rollout and to some extent also validates the software! LabGear is therefore not a new product. It is a second generation of a successful and much appreciated software. It relieves the chemist from difficult and time-consuming tasks such as controlled additions and schedules out unwanted waiting times.

Currently the number of equipment types supported are about 34. Many peripherals have a subset of models. Historically new pieces of hardware has been added or removed on basis of user requests.