Development work in the labs are very complex. LabGear offer practical and simple automation in the planning and execution phase allowing people to deliver on all other activities too. Still running more experiments and at with increasing complexity if so desired.

Are these activities related to your day-to-day work? Then maybe LabGear can meet your needs and transform your business, boost your productivity and increase the quality output!

LabGear is helping the scientist schedule and run laboratory experiments at an increasing level of complexity, always controlled by the scientists. LabGear support activities that may occur unsupervised, e.g. pre-cooling of circulator baths, crystallisation cooling ramps with a non-linear profile.

The schedule is laid out for the user in a Gantt format. New activities are introduced at any point in time and are placed in the run scheme according to the preferred date and time. Activities can be set to start when certain criteria are met and additions from pumps etc. can be controlled dynamically with feedback control or even combined dynamic feedback and on/off conditions.

The built in Safety Features in LabGear are rigorous but user-friendly. As always the safety aspects of the work environment is the responsibility of the employer but LabGear offer the tools to "make-safe". Chemovix also offer tools to produce Safety Risk Assessment documentation.

The Audit Trail tracks all user activities and the files can be automatically saved to remote disks and shared drives.

Chemovix seeks partners and premium customers to continue to develop LabGear and adapt the workflows to even better meet customers needs. Please contact Chemovix AB for visits, product presentations and continued discussions.

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